The MIAA has adopted a new power ranking formula to determine what teams will play in the state tournaments. The top 32 teams in each division along with all other squads that finish with a .500 or better record qualify for the postseason.

Schools will be seeded by their overall power rating. A major piece of the power rating is the MOV – Margin of Victory. The MOV is capped at a certain amount, meaning that any score above this maximum amount will just be the maximum number. 

The first piece that is important is a school’s individual overall margin of victory. That is the simple piece of the equation as you just go through all games and simply get the +/- number for a school’s margin of victory.

For example, a team plays 6 games:
W 2-0, L 3-2, W 5-1, T 2-2, W 2-1, & L 4-2
Overall record is 3-2-1 with an overall power rating of +0.5:
Margin of victory equals 3 divided by total number of games, 6, equals a power rating of +0.5.

The second piece is the average power rating of all of a school’s opponents. In order to get that number one must get the average margin of victory of all opponents (remembering to add an opponent’s rating twice if they play them twice).

Add the two numbers:
Team’s average margin of victory + average of opponents’ ratings = overall rating
Schools are then seeded from highest overall rating to lowest in each division.

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