Nobody’s perfect, but we want to do our best to continue providing accurate information about Massachusetts High School Hockey. If you notice something like an incorrectly scheduled game, a misspelled player or coach name, or any other incorrect information, please use the form below to send us the correction. We ask for your contact information in case we need to contact you to confirm the correction. If you are submitting a correction for something like an incorrect game day/time or a game result,  please provide some form of evidence so we don’t need to reach out to you to confirm the correction.

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  • Please enter the correction(s) you'd like us to make here. The more detail, the better! For example, if it's a player's name you want to correct, you can write: "Please correct #4 John Smith's name to #4 Jon Smith".

    If it's a schedule correction, please send us the date and opponent of the game you'd like us to correct, followed by the updated information. For example, if you are a coach and see a game time is incorrect, you can write something like this: "Please change the game scheduled for 12/20/19 at 5:00pm against Malden Catholic to 12/20/19 at 7:00pm against Malden Catholic."